How To Communicate Effectively with Jay Dhahan

In this conversation, Shawn French and Jay Dhahan discuss various topics related to personal development, communication, and authenticity. They highlight the flaws of the education system and the importance of learning practical skills like…

From Homeless To The NFL with Freddie Stevenson

Summary In this episode, Shawn French interviews Freddy Stevenson, a former NCAA football national champion and NFL player. Freddy shares his inspiring story of growing up in a homeless family and facing adversity. He talks about his journey from…

Life After Sports with Brandon Barnes

Former big leaguer Brandon Barnes shares his baseball journey, from playing multiple sports in high school to transitioning to baseball in college. He discusses the challenges he faced and the mindset that drove him to succeed. Brandon emphasizes the…

The Queen of Men’s Health with Ali Gilbert

In this episode, Ali Gilbert, a men’s health coach, discusses the importance of hormone optimization and testosterone replacement therapy. She explains the difference between TRT and steroid cycles, emphasizing the benefits of TRT for men’s health….

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