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Creating Healthy Habits w/ Stephen Campolo

Stephen Campolo wasn’t always the physical specimen he is now. He grew up in NY and was a self-proclaimed “fat kid.” One day he decided he was going to change the way he looked because a certain girl he liked was surely going to like a boy with muscles.

He began his fitness journey running a quarter mile and a time and slowly started to increase the work load. He began to notice muscle definition while in the weight room and even started seeing vascularity in his arms. Stephen fell in love with the process and after a period of time…An absolute stud was born.

Stephen lost over 100 pounds naturally and on his own. He did not cheat the process once. The change in his life was so impactful and he experienced so much joy from his transformation, he decided to help others do the same.

Today Stephen is an online fitness coach that has helped 1000’s of clients lose 20-60 pounds in less than 90 days. You could be next!

You can connect with Stephen on his social platforms:

Instagram: @stephencampolo

TikTok: @stephencampolo


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