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Exploring Intuitive Eating and Portion Control with Matthew Headden

In this coaching session, Shawn and Matthew discuss the importance of consistency and making progress in small steps. They talk about the challenges of meal prep and finding convenient options. Shawn shares his strategies for staying on track with his fitness goals, even during busy times. Matthew emphasizes the need to focus on solutions rather than roadblocks and to always be building and improving. They also discuss the power of self-awareness and the importance of staying committed to personal development. In this conversation, Shawn and Matthew discuss various strategies for meal planning and preparation. They talk about the benefits of ready-made options, such as pre-cooked meats and instant rice cups, and the convenience they offer. They also discuss the importance of planning ahead and reducing decision fatigue by prepping meals in advance. They explore the idea of intuitive eating and the myth that cardio will hinder muscle gains. They emphasize the need to find a balance between exercise and nutrition and the importance of taking care of one’s heart health. The conversation ends with a message of gratitude and encouragement.

Key Conversation Points:

  • Consistency and progress are key in achieving fitness goals.
  • Finding convenient meal prep options can help stay on track with nutrition.
  • Focus on solutions rather than roadblocks.
  • Self-awareness is crucial in personal development.
  • Always be building and improving. Ready-made options like pre-cooked meats and instant rice cups can provide convenience and save time in meal preparation.
  • Planning ahead and prepping meals in advance can help reduce decision fatigue and make healthy eating easier.
  • Intuitive eating involves tracking and learning portion sizes and nutrient content, and gradually transitioning to a more intuitive approach.
  • Cardio exercise can have numerous benefits, including improved digestion, mental clarity, and nutrient delivery, without negatively impacting muscle gains.
  • Taking care of one’s heart health is important for overall well-being and longevity.

Sound Bites:

  • “I have to build just a little bit today.”
  • “Life has been crazy. It’s gonna be crazy. It doesn’t get easier. You just get better at it.”
  • “Just build always 1%”
  • “I think for me this week, I’m willing to try more of these ready-made options”
  • “I need to plan it out better, man. Like, that’s the thing, because it’s still the decision fatigue.”
  • “I’m gonna get the pre-done meats, right? If we can get the pre-done like pulled rotisserie chicken, if your grocery store has that, that’d be a great option as well.”

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