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From Pizza Hut Manager to Multi-Billion Dollar CEO with Todd R. Skelton

In this episode Shawn French sits down with arguably the most successful entrepreneur he has met in a long time, Todd R. Skelton. Todd has always gone against the grain in his growth as a young man, leader and now a multi-billion dollar CEO. Early on in his adult life he was enrolled into college and worked for Pizza Hut at the same time. After a year into college, Pizza Hut approached him about being their youngest manager in company history. He was all in on this opportunity but there was a catch…They told him that he could not go to college at the same time. His response was unlike most others. Todd immediately agreed and dropped out of the University. He did his best to keep this from his parents by saying he wasn’t attending class because he simply couldn’t find parking.

There is a societal narrative that you must go to college to be successful. Todd has proven it a lie…. Listen in for more of this brilliant man’s story and rise to the top. Todd Skelton is a true inspiration and a man of integrity. The world is better everyday because of Todd and his heart.

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