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Good Grief with Lori Miggins

Tragic Loss:

In thisepisode Shawn French sits down with new Author, Health & Wellness Coach and Grief expert, Lori Miggins. As we all go through life we experience tragic and massive losses of friends and loved ones. A lot of the times it is frowned upon to grieve in an open and honest way due to the fact that those that are closest to us may judge our experience. You will hear things like, it has been 3 years shouldn’t you not be crying or it is time you move on and live life. Why is it socially unacceptable to grieve continuously? Today’s guys has dealt with this judgement through the loss of the 2 people closest to her. Just imagine losing your parents within years of each other to tragedy…

Here is a peak behind Lori’s story and what we discuss on this show….

Daddy’s Little Girl:

There is no love and bond like one of a Daddy and Daughter. Trust me, I have three children. A son and two beautiful daughters. While my son is everything to me, my daughters have me experiencing emotions and empathy that I never knew was possible. Lori and her father had that same type of bond. He was her best friend and someone she knew she could always count on. Even though her father was loved by her and her family, he struggled mentally and emotionally for years. He took multiple attempts on his life until…he was successful.

Lori lost her father to his own hands only days after she married her amazing husband, Robert. Her father was at her wedding and fully engaged into the experience and love that his daughter was receiving at the alter.She recalls pulling up to her parents home and only seeing police and first responders. What she learned was her worst nightmare had been realized. Her father was gone. Her world came crashing down and luckily she had Robert and her loving mother to get through all of this.

Eventually, she began to heal from her nightmare and life began to get back to normal. Until…..

A Mothers Love:

It wasn’t very long after Lori lost her father that she lost her mother. To everyone’s knowledge her mom was in perfect health. No signs of sickness or anything. Quickly after Lori and her family learned this news, her mother passed away. They soon learned that her mom had undiagnosed stage 4 cancer. Losing a parent is never easy but losing both parents in a tragic way is something one can never prepare for. After this life altering event, Lori struggled with grief once again and it quickly brought back all of the feelings of losing her Dad as well. It was like pouring salt in an unhealed wound. Here she goes again and turned to amazing husband for support to get her through.

Lori’s Response to grief:

Loriknew she needed to help others not only acknowledge but express their grief. She dove into writing in a journal daily about her grieving process and what she learned along the was the importance of giving equal attention to things things and people in her life that she was grate for. After a while, the gratitude took over and she proceeded to to inspire others in her life. She quickly became stronger mentally and physically so much so that she launched a successful health and fitness business. To this day Lori manages her grief while showing her children what a true inspiration she is.

Her grief journal titled Good Grief launches November 3rd. Make sure you listen to this episode to learn all about it.

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