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Leading with Faith, Love and Integrity with Josh Marciano

In this episode Shawn French sits down with a great friend, Josh Marciano. He is the President of Triune Strength. Josh focuses on online training and nutrition to help his clients change their lives through their daily choices.

Josh’s journey has been one filled with epic moves and laden with Determination. He spent 4 years at a local gym where lets face it…the culture was more than toxic (Shawn has witnessed). Most people would regret their time at such places but not Mr. Marciano. He has not only learned what to do, what not to do in business but most importanlty identify what lines he will never cross.

America loves stories of comebacks when someone is on the ropes and finds a way to throw a vital punch to get them right back into the fight. Josh is a dude that emobodies a true warrior that found a way to live his dream. 

Now, sit back and enjoy this amazing episode….

Key Points:

  • His time at previous gym
  • Josh’s journey in Entrepenuership
  • His 30 Day notice to himself
  • Cutting through Bullshit excuses
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Business
  • Fad diets 
  • Seeing throught the fake ass shit being pedalled on social media
  • Taking control of your life through better decisions
  • Instant VS. Long-Term gratification
  • $1k to $10K months
  • Gratitude
  • Shawn with his usual satire towards the assholes of the world

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