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Powerful Thoughts with Tyler Todt

All too often, we get into a comparison mindset and analyze our life and accomplishments in regard to what we see other people doing, but what if instead of comparing, we cheered each other on? If you get out of the dark corners of social media, you can meet and connect with people you relate to on deep levels and experience a sense of mutual respect, growth, and learning from one another. That is what you are going to get from today’s conversation with Tyler Todt. 

Tyler Todt coaches and leads people to better their habits, health, energy levels, and life. He is a certified trainer that loves helping others reach their goals and create an intentional life full of purpose, energy, and passion. Tyler’s mission is to help others uplevel their life so that we can all win together. As a husband, father, and Christ follower, Tyler knows the significance of being mindful of what we allow into our lives in terms of what we absorb on social media, and who we are surrounded by.

In this episode, Tyler and Shawn get real about the fact that our society is too focused on how much money people are making instead of being focused on what kind of person they are. Valuing character, goals, and growth is far more powerful than always being focused on how many digits someone has in their bank account. While finances are a huge part of life, they are not everything, and we all need to take a step back and ask ourselves if our priorities are in the right place. Are we being present and intentional spouses, parents, friends, and members of society? Tyler encourages us all to find our balance and stay mindful of what is important in life. Surrounding ourselves with other people that share these priorities, whether it be in person or even on social media, will lead to a more uplifted society where we all want to see each other win. 

Key highlights:

  • Introduction to Tyler and how he and Shawn met
  • Too often men get into a comparison mindset
  • Getting out of the negative and dark places of social media
  • Health is the new wealth
  • Society is too focused on money and how much you make, not how you are working to be a better person
  • Relationship building 1:1
  • We’re not confined to the people in close proximity anymore because we can find our tribe online now
  • Being mindful of your circle and who you interact with
  • Making the choice to seek out other people that are wanting to go to higher levels
  • Modeling behavior for our kids because they are always watching
  • Giving yourself permission to rest and prioritize balance in what Tyler calls a “b-day”
  • Being mindful and finding your balance so that you are still giving time and attention to the people that matter most
  • The problem with scarcity mindset and feeling like we need to do and respond to everything right away

Connect with Tyler Todt:

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Connect with Shawn French:

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