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SuperHuman Fathers with Kyle Carnohan

So many people are not even aware of the constant cycle of self-sabotage that they are in. They end up lying to themselves about their situation, leading to internal turmoil because of the misalignment with their inner warrior and conscience. Today’s guest helps men that are complacent in their marriage, fitness, fatherhood, and life in general, and turns them into literal “Superhuman Fathers”, by leading them down a path of massive personal development. 

Kyle Carnohan started @superhumanfathers as an Instagram account a few years ago to hold himself personally accountable to stop the ongoing cycle of self-sabotage in his life. He found himself being short with his kids, sarcastic with his wife, and lazy around the house. He would use excuses to get out of being his best self. “I’m stressed from work” “I need a break.” “I have anxiety and depression”, the list continues. Sound familiar? Through sharing his struggles and journey through Instagram, Kyle began connecting with other fathers with the same shortcomings. Through his transformation to becoming his best self, other struggling men began to ask Kyle for advice out of frustration with their own lives, and thus Kyle’s coaching practice “SuperHuman Fathers” was born. 

In this episode, Kyle shares his passion for his mission to help men ditch the darkness in their lives that is affecting their relationships, their family, and their disappointment with the person in the mirror. Lying to ourselves puts us in a state of being at battle with our best-self, leading to self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. We were made for so much more than that. Learn to face the truth, and completely transform your mind, body, and spirit. Tune in for more!


Key highlights:

  • Shawn’s opinion of scripts
  • What are the dangers of lying to yourself, and how do we stop? 
  • His advice to people that are always focusing on self-love and not the reality of their situation
  • How your energy and darkness affects your kids and wife
  • What does a leader and a man do? 
  • The importance of checking in with yourself that you are doing what you said you would do 
  • Detaching yourself from the results of your life so that your family doesn’t have to worry about getting different versions of you
  • How Kyle learned from the mistakes he made in his marriage and overcame them
  • The importance of having a culture of massive service in your relationship with your partner or anyone
  • Your spouse needs to see continuous improvement so she can respect and believe you
  • Your two options in a relationship are lead or leave
  • How Kyle started his coaching business “SuperHuman fathers” 
  • Kyle’s advice to people that are in a constant cycle of self-sabotage
  • Getting in the “room” with people that can help you

Connect with Kyle Carnohan:

Instagram: @superhumanfathers


Connect with Shawn French:

Instagram: @theshawnfrench


Facebook group: The Determined Society

Twitter: @theshawnmfrench

YouTube: The Shawn French

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