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The Awakening: Finding Your True Calling with Stephen Scoggins

In this conversation, Shawn French and Stephen Scoggins discuss the concept of being blissfully dissatisfied and constantly striving for more. They explore the idea of awakening and finding one’s true calling in life. They emphasize the importance of recognizing and leveraging one’s natural gifts and talents. They also discuss the significance of serving others and creating a legacy that outlives oneself. The conversation touches on the topics of determination, authenticity, and the need to be congruent with oneself. They highlight the value of showing up consistently and the impact it can have on others, regardless of the size of the audience. In this conversation, Stephen Scoggins and Shawn French discuss the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs and pushing through challenges. They emphasize the need to remind oneself of past successes and use them as motivation to conquer new obstacles. They also highlight the value of trust, mentorship, and consistency in personal and professional growth. The conversation concludes with a reminder to embrace the journey and continue moving forward towards one’s goals.

Key Conversation Points

  • Many people are going through an awakening and realizing that they have been living someone else’s life instead of their own.
  • It is important to identify and leverage one’s natural gifts and talents, as they are often overlooked or undervalued.
  • Serving others and creating a legacy that outlives oneself brings fulfillment and purpose.
  • Being determined does not mean copying others or being angry, but rather being congruent with oneself and showing up consistently.
  • The size of the audience does not determine the impact one can have on others. Remind yourself of past successes to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Trust and integrity are crucial for building credibility
  • Mentorship and coaching provide valuable guidance and perspective
  • Consistency and perseverance lead to long-term success
  • Embrace the journey and continue moving forward

Sound Bites

  • “We’re all wanting more. We’re blissfully dissatisfied.”
  • “People are awakening to the fact that they’ve been living someone else’s life.”
  • “You have to create a legacy that outlives you.”
  • “As you’re able to conquer a specific limiting belief, you’re able to live out a specific new level of fulfillment.”
  • “Remind yourself of times when things weren’t going the way that you wanted them to go, but yet you push through, you got the goal or an elevated version of that goal.”
  • “Turn anxiety into excitement by turning ‘I need to’ into ‘I get to’.”

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