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The ITfactor with Emily Ford

From starting her entrepreneurial journey 13 years ago with no business background to now  running and sustaining a 9 figure sales organization as well as speaking to companies and teams globally, EmilyFord truly embodies what it means to have the ITfactor. Growing up in a small town of Minnesota helped to build the humble heart that she now brings to all areas of her life such as speaking on a LIVE stage of 10,000 people next to Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyasoki, to training corporate sales and leadership teams on “Leaders Who Have IT”, to even privately consulting faith-driven leaders in achieving new levels of business and fulfillment in their life. Forbes featured an article on Emily titled “To Be Successful, Put People First And Business Second” because of the way she’s built her success through serving others. Emily has now cultivated a transformative method that allows people to not just extract their ITfactor, but also integrate it into all facets of their business and life.

Key Points:

  • How her entrepenerial journey started
  • Creating and sustaining a 9-Figure Sales Organization
  • The ITfactor podcast
  • How to find and cultivate your ITfactor
  • Sitting down with Ed Mylett
  • How emily helps others brand themselves
  • Her struggle with letting down her gaurd and allowing femine energy to come out
  • How finding the right partner allowed her to be a bit more calm
  • How you can connect and work with Emily and Jake
  • Creating a brand means life happens and you just have to keep going

Connect with Emily:

Connect with Shawn:

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