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The Sales Angel w/ David Angel

In this episode I sit down with one of the greatest Sales Professionals around the globe, David Angel. We sit down and have a raw and authentic conversation about everything sales. Whether its relationships, habits or objections, David drops some serous fire for you all to learn from.

David has a true gift and is a true consultant providing those within his programs nothing but the best knowledge and skills they can apply into their daily process.

David is well known on social media and is a TEDx speaker. The host of a leading Sales Academy The Ultimate Sales Academy Training and the host of The Sales Masters Podcast which has hit Top10 positions in 7 countries.

He ensures that you will find what you are looking for with little to no hassle. Providing you with an immediate way to improve your processes, systems, training, and most importantly the results you get in your business. (He even guarantees results!)

He has also set up back door options for people today where they can get full access to over 780 interactive videos on his platform for a noal £7 so you can get more results straights away irrelevant to your current situation! – Just now and add the code 7POUNDS

You can connect with David on IG @davidthesalesangel

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