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The Video Sales Letter Jedi with Lefteris Koutinas

Welcome back to another episode of The Determined Society Podcast!

On this episode I have a deep cpnversation with The Video Sales Letter Jedi, Lefty. Imagine that you have a business or a product that you are selling and getting the word out can be somewhat complicated… That is where Lefty and his team come in. 

Lefty provides amazing video sales letters for your prospects that are so effective that by the time the prospect gets to you their objections have already been addressed, they know exactly how you can help them solve their problems and essentially just need to complete the transaction.

Key Points:

  • Who is Lefteris?
  • What Lefty does?
  • What sets him apart from other “video” services
  • How he got started
  • The history of entrepenuers in his family
  • How to work with him
  • What is a VSL
  • Why is it beneficial
  • How VSL’s can positively impact your business
  • Being authentic

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