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Til You Collapse with Brian Nabavi

This is an episode that I have been waiting to record for quite some time. Brian Nabavi is an entreprenuer, father, husband and friend. He is the founder and CEO of Til You Collapse clothing line which he started with only $300 to his name. It is amazing to see what a man can create when his back is up against the wall. In Brian’s case he had a wife, a son and one more on the way he had to make it work. He worked day and night to create his amazing brand. Til You Collapse means exactly what you think it means. It is about doing the damn work no matter how tired, frustrated or shitty you feel. You know the assignment and you must complete it NO MATTER WHAT!  You will not want to miss this unbelievable man’s story. If you are attempting to create something amazing in your life then this episode is just for you.   Key Points:   1.) How Brian created Til You Collapse 2.) Starting his business with only $300 3.) Brian’s Core Values 4.) How to secure success 5.) Family and the importance of it 6.) Non-negotiable dinner conversations 7.) Doing the damn work 8.) Understanding that winning means you have to do shit you don’t want to. 9.) Excuses are NOT going to get you results   Connect with Brian Nabavi:   Instagram: Website:   Connect with Shawn French:   Instagram: Website:  


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