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When Opportunity Meets Preparation with Drew Plotkin

Throughout our lives, all of us will be presented with opportunities that could be completely life-changing. While some people may find themselves in these situations more often than others, the people that repeatedly win are the ones that are prepared when an opportunity shows up in their lives. Being prepared means having the mindset to do what is required to move forward, and knowing that above all else, integrity and doing the thing matters. The people that win are the ones that want to do right by others, constantly provide value, and put honesty and integrity above monetary gain. Drew Plotkin is an example of what it looks like to do just that, and pay attention to the clues that success leaves behind.
Drew Plotkin is an Emmy-nominated journalist, TV news producer, and Founder of Derm Dude, a balls, beard, and tattoo product line with natural and powerful ingredients. Drew found himself in a bizarre series of life-altering events leads that led to him working on mega-commercial brands with huge success and over 1 billion dollars in worldwide revenue. Drew has created and directed award-winning TV broadcast commercials that have included major celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, Ellen Pompeo, Dwayne Wade, Kristin Davis, Jane Seymour, Paris Hilton, Drew Brees, and more. Drew’s life story is a rollercoaster ride in which he developed his own techniques and tools for continuously navigating life’s never-ending trails of valleys and peaks and learning to survive and thrive.
In this episode, Drew shares the story of how he landed on death row twice, survived a dangerous mission to Ethiopia to save babies, and what he learned along the way. He talks about his new book, “Under My Skin”, and a little bit about the lessons and stories that can be found inside.
Key highlights:

Why Drew chooses to live life unfiltered
Drew’s story of landing on death row twice
Too many people are falling for get-rich-quick schemes
Success happens with opportunity meets preparation
Why Drew wrote his newest book: “Under My Skin”
Drew’s story of going to Ethiopia to negotiate to save babies that were believed to be cursed
Why he started his Derm Dude line and what the products do for men
You can’t put a price tag on doing the right thing and having integrity

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