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YOU focus so intently on YOUR bodies and how YOU can get YOUR machine to work more efficiently. YOU seek out the best nutrition possible, they do the sport specific lifts and drills.

YOU work so damn hard in the off-season and obsess on the results and accomplishments YOU are going to create and completely neglect the most important aspect of YOUR training.

What is it that YOU missed?

The training of the mind! The mind is the most powerful tool an athlete has. If it is conditioned to take the load like the physical body then you’ll have a strong mental state. If it is not ready for the load of pressure and high expectations it’ll break. I’ve been on the wrong side of this before and it is my mission to educate athletes like YOU so that YOU don’t feel the pain that I did.

  • What Is It?

    6 Week LIVE Mastermind for high-performance athletes like YOURSELF with the intent to arm YOU with the mental toolbox that will allow YOU to hold up in the extreme pressure of competition.

  • What You'll Leave With

    YOU will have the knowledge and tools that will take YOUR performance to the next level and keep YOU there.

  • What Athletes Is This For?

    That’s easy. All of YOU! If YOU compete in any sport, you’re an athlete and I want to work with YOU.

  • When Does It Start?

    This program begins on March 21st, 2022. Reserve your spot NOW. Space is limited.


Space is limited to the first 25 athletes that register.

For just $1,495 you will learn how to train your mind with the same power and energy you train your body.

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