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Building Winning Cultures: The Key to Success in Sports and Life with Ryan Theriot

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been told that to succeed in sports, you need to solely focus on your physical abilities and technical skills. But here’s the painful truth: no matter how hard you train, you’re still not seeing the results you desire. The missing piece? Relationships and team culture. In this episode, we’ll explore how cultivating strong connections and fostering a positive environment can be the game-changer you’ve been searching for. Get ready to unlock the true power of relationships and culture in sports teams.

The culture in those three clubhouses were all the same. We trusted each other, the ownership, the management, the coaches. We wanted each other to succeed more than we wanted ourselves to succeed. – Ryan Theriot

Ryan Theriot, former professional baseball player, joins Shawn French on this episode of The Determined Society to discuss the importance of relationships and culture in sports teams. As a seasoned athlete, Ryan understands firsthand the significance of the environment within a clubhouse. Whether it was his time in St. Louis, San Francisco, or LSU, Ryan highlights the common thread that tied these successful teams together: trust. From players to coaches to management, the foundation of these teams was built on a deep sense of trust and a genuine love for one another’s success. Ryan also shares personal anecdotes about his journey, including the sacrifices he made to pursue his dreams and his experience transitioning from sports to the business world. Through it all, Ryan emphasizes the power of visualization, reverse engineering goals, and being prepared for the future. This conversation is a valuable resource for aspiring athletes and individuals seeking success in any field, reminding us all that relationships and culture play a pivotal role in achieving greatness.

  • Unleash your full potential by harnessing the power of mindset and visualization.

  • Foster a winning culture and build strong relationships within your sports team for greater success.

  • Achieve your goals by visualizing success and reinforcing positive thoughts.

  • Develop a clear vision and reverse engineer your journey to achieve success.

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and persistently pursue your goals with unwavering determination.

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:02 – The Importance of Relationships and Culture, Ryan Theriot emphasizes the importance of relationships and culture within a clubhouse or team. He believes that trust and love among players, ownership, management, and coaches are crucial for success. 00:00:59 – Introduction and Background, Shawn French introduces Ryan as a guest who embodies the mental presence of an athlete. He discusses Theriot’s successful career, including winning world championships in baseball and a national championship in college. Terrio is also the owner of Traction Performance and HUDCO roofing. 00:02:30 – Ryan Theriot’s Mullet Haircut, Theriot shares the story of his mullet haircut and how he shaved it during COVID. He jokes about his appearance and how his wife didn’t mind the mullet because it deterred other women from hitting on him. 00:05:04 – LSU Baseball and Current Success, The conversation briefly touches on LSU baseball’s current success and the energy within the program. They mention a specific player, Blake Money, who loves the program and predicts LSU’s return to the top. 00:07:00 – Visualizing Goals and Making Sacrifices, Theriot discusses the importance of visualizing goals and understanding the sacrifices required to achieve them. He shares how his father supported his baseball dreams but also made him aware of the sacrifices he would have to make. He applies this mindset to other aspects of life, such as business and relationships. 00:14:51 – Overcoming Self-Doubt in Visualization, The guest discusses the difficulty of visualizing success and fighting against subconscious thoughts during the visualization process. He emphasizes the importance of silencing negative thoughts and choosing to think positively to achieve success. 00:15:46 – Building Traction as a Backup Plan, The guest shares his experience of building Traction, a dream he had for a long time, as a backup plan in case his baseball career didn’t pan out. He invested his signing bonus in the venture and highlights the importance of having a plan B and being prepared for the future. 00:17:47 – NIL Deals in College Sports, The conversation shifts to the topic of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deals in college sports. The guest explains how these deals can provide real-life business experience and prepare student-athletes for the future. He believes that despite the controversy, NIL deals are valuable in teaching life and business skills. 00:19:35 – The Importance of Preparation, The guest and the host discuss the importance of preparation in achieving success. They highlight the need to be prepared for the real world and to learn from experiences rather than being thrown into situations unprepared. The guest shares his belief that preparation is crucial for personal and professional growth. 00:23:23 – The Power of Belief and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, The guest talks about his mindset of believing in himself and his ability to achieve anything. He shares his constant pursuit of new 00:30:04 – The Journey from Bat Boy to Starting Shortstop, Ryan Theriot talks about his journey from being a bat boy to becoming the starting shortstop for the Cubs and winning two World Series. He emphasizes the importance of the minor leagues and the grind it takes to make it to the big leagues. 00:31:41 – Believing in Himself and Finding Success in the Major Leagues, Theriot shares that he quickly realized he belonged in the major leagues once he started playing and seeing success. He talks about the importance of confidence and the support he received from teammates like Derek Lee. 00:35:40 – Impacting Lives and Giving Back, Theriot reflects on the impact he can make on the lives of others through his career in baseball. He shares how he took that for granted in his early days but now sees the value in using his platform to positively influence others, especially college players. 00:37:33 – Winning Championships and the Importance of Team Culture, Theriot discusses the importance of team culture in winning championships. He highlights the trust, love, and camaraderie among teammates as essential components for success. He compares the cultures in St. Louis, San Francisco, and LSU and emphasizes the role of leadership in creating a winning atmosphere. 00:40:07 – The Secret Sauce of Team Building, Theriot emphasizes the importance of having a mix of personalities on a team. He mentions the significance of class clowns, keeping things loose, and laughing at oneself.



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