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Conquering Your Inner Critic: Achieving Unstoppable Confidence with Bedros Keuilian

Do you have an inner critic that causes you to doubt yourself or think you are incapable of doing hard things? So many of us do, but the key is to not let that critic sit in the driver’s seat of your life. Learn how to get your inner advocate in control and achieve unstoppable confidence in this must-listen episode with Bedros Keuilian.

In this episode of The Determined Society, Bedros Keuilian shares his inspiring story of escaping communism, pursuing the American dream, and what it means to have an “immigrant edge.” He talks about the impact of having both a poor dad and a rich dad, and how his dad’s work ethic and gratitude influenced him.

Bedros Keuilian is an American Entrepreneur and a believer in the American Dream. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor in over a dozen industry-leading brands and businesses. He’s the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, three times listed in Inc Magazine as well as Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 fastest-growing franchise brands in the world. Bedros is the author of the Wall Street Journal’s Best Selling book Man Up – How To Cut The BS and Dominate In Business and In Life.

Shawn and Bedros have an engaging conversation about the decline of masculinity, the rise of feminism, and the consequences that has had on modern-day men. Bedros is passionate about helping men embrace their masculinity and understand that there is nothing “toxic” about it. Bedros explains the importance of doing hard things and finding purpose in life to avoid anxiety, depression, and unfulfillment. Tune in for more!

Key highlights:

  • The immigrant edge
  • Rich dad vs. poor dad: what Bedros learned from each
  • What Bedros would say to people that want a coach
  • How adversity shapes strong men
  • Giving men permission to be masculine
  • Bedros’ experience of a panic attack and what he learned about how to avoid anxiety and depression
  • The importance of finding purpose and doing the hard stuff
  • Inner critic vs. inner advocate
  • Why we shouldn’t have unconditional love for ourselves
  • Why we need to give the best version of ourselves to those closest to us

Connect with Bedros Keuilian:

Instagram: @bedroskeuilian


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