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Elevating your standards and self-respect with Matthew Headden

Matthew Headen is a fitness and transformation coach. Well, that’s what he does as a profession but that is NOT what he truly is. He is one of the most amazing souls I have ever been BLESSED  to have as a brother and friend. He has lived a full ass that has included alchoholism, drug abuse and womanizing. Oh yea, did I mention that he is a combat veteran that risked his life for our country? 

This interview means so much to me and I’m grateful to bring his story to you.

Key High Lights:

  • A journey into Matthew’s childhood
  • The worlds sappiest intro to an episode ever!
  • His life as an overwieght adolescent
  • Substance abuse and how it all began
  • Setting standards that reflect your actions
  • How self-respect plays a vital role in your health & fitness
  • Real and Raw recounting of his career as sales manager at a big box gym
  • His journey to become clean
  • Creating good habits sets you up for success


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