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Everyday Means EVERYDAY with Brandon Burns

Brandon Burns is an elite athlete, viral influencer with over 50 million views on social media, 2x B1G Ten Championship-Winning Coach; co-creator of a 7-figure software product; and right-hand man to the world’s #1 motivational speaker – Dr. Eric Thomas.

After experiencing various mental health battles, financial lack, and family trauma during his childhood, Brandon was able to overcome his victim mindset to succeed in school and walk-on to the men’s gymnastics team at the University of Michigan. However – his athletic dreams came to a screeching halt after being cut from the team 4 times in 5 years. After years of perseverance & self-discovery, Brandon’s journey eventually allowed him to go from “cut to coach” – becoming one of the industry’s top speakers and strategic performance coaches. Today, Brandon works with athletes, entrepreneurs, and students to help them reach their full potential & systematically overcome their limitations using his unique blend of inspiring, emotional storytelling mixed with strategic, principle-based teachings.   As a lifelong coach, Brandon is obsessed with helping others reach their maximum potential. He believes that every human being owes it to themselves (and to mankind!) to achieve their peak performance in every area of human endeavor: physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. He believes that “good enough” is NEVER good enough, and is dedicated to assisting like-minded teams and individuals take their performance to the next level!   Key Conversation Points:  

  • Being Eric Thomas’s COO and how it all transpired
  • TFCC Injury
  • Brandon’s Gymnastics journey
  • Being cut from Univ. of Michigan
  • Dad’s diagnosis and Mom’s auto immune 
  • The Bad Break up
  • Impact is great that being impressive
  • Subwoofer or Eric Thomas?
  • Micro-Thoughts and how they can impede your growth
  • Taking the 1st step
  • Fear based motivation
  • What if we don’t decide?
  • Living the both lifestyle instead of either or
  • Much more……

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TikTok- @iambburns

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