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How athletes can MONETIZE their name with Brian Fullmer

Summary   The conversation discusses the importance of building athlete brands and the challenges athletes face in monetizing their name, image, and likeness. The guest, Brian Fullmer, shares the origin story of Athlete Narrative, a company that helps athletes build their brands and provides personalized content for social media. The app offers features such as archetypal profiling, daily personalized posts, and access to resources like a recruiting playbook. The conversation highlights the significance of preparing athletes for life after sport and the role Athlete Narrative plays in guiding athletes towards successful careers. The discussion also emphasizes the importance of follower count and engagement on social media and the need to protect athletes’ online presence. Lastly, the conversation touches on finding identity and passion in athletics and the benefits of a centralized platform for athlete information. In this conversation, Shawn French and Brian Fullmer discuss the importance of building an athlete’s brand and how Athlete Narrative can help. They talk about selling merchandise on the platform and how it helps athletes build their brand and make money. They emphasize the importance of consistency in social media and how Athlete Narrative can provide that consistency. They also discuss taking a chance on yourself and betting on your own success. The conversation touches on the recruitment process and how Athlete Narrative can help athletes get noticed. They highlight the power of building a brand and the impact that Athlete Narrative can have. Finally, they encourage listeners to take action and start building their brand.   Key Conversation Points:

  • Building an athlete’s brand is crucial for success and can be done through platforms like Athlete Narrative.
  • Selling merchandise on Athlete Narrative helps athletes build their brand and make money.
  • Consistency is key in social media and Athlete Narrative provides that consistency for athletes.
  • Taking a chance on yourself and betting on your own success can lead to great things.
  • Athlete Narrative can help athletes get noticed and navigate the recruitment process.
  • Building a brand is powerful and can have a significant impact on an athlete’s success.
  • Athlete Narrative offers great value for athletes looking to build their brand.
  • Taking action and starting to build your brand is essential for success.

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