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How To Weaponize Your Superpowers with Steve Eckert

Steve Eckert is a Personal Discipline and Development Accountability Coach.  He is a United States Marine, Entrepreneur, Husband, and Father.  His unique style of blending Military strategies and tactics with the mindset and methods of an entrepreneur have helped over 20,000 clients achieve Results and Life Transformations, over the past 22 years.  He has built several successful companies and Brands from scratch in the Coaching and Fitness industries. 

  • Founder and Owner of OTD- Operate to Dominate Peak Performance Coaching
  • Founder/ Owner of OTD Online- Coaching Courses
  • Founder/ Owner of Freak Code- Clothing Company
  • Personal Trainer/ Fitness Professional for over 20 years
  • Instructor/ Co-Founder of The Project- men’s personal development program
  • Instructor/ Co-Owner of LTD- Leadership and Team Development Training
  • Previous coach of several Mastermind and Mentorship Group Coaching Programs


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If you would like to work with Shawn, have him on your podcast or have him speak at your events please send inquiries to shawn.french@thedeterminedsociety and we will be intouch. 

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