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Life After Sports with Brandon Barnes

Former big leaguer Brandon Barnes shares his baseball journey, from playing multiple sports in high school to transitioning to baseball in college. He discusses the challenges he faced and the mindset that drove him to succeed. Brandon emphasizes the importance of mental development and the need for a competitive mindset in youth sports. The conversation explores the importance of winning and achieving success in sports, the need to understand the numbers and have a plan B, the identity crisis that athletes face after their sports career ends, and the importance of preparing for life after sports. It also discusses the impact of Athlete Narrative in helping athletes build their personal brand and transition to a new career. The conversation concludes with the announcement of the official launch of Athlete Narrative and the anticipation of future partnerships.   Key Takeaways

  • Having a strong work ethic and a mindset of continuous improvement is crucial for success in sports and life.
  • The mental aspect of the game is often overlooked but is a key differentiator at higher levels of competition.
  • Parents and coaches should focus on teaching young athletes the mental skills needed to handle failure and develop a competitive mindset.
  • Youth sports should prioritize the enjoyment of the game and the development of skills, rather than winning championships and trophies. Winning and achieving success in sports is important, but it’s crucial to understand that sports careers are temporary and have a plan B for life after sports.
  • Athletes often face an identity crisis when their sports career ends, and it’s important to have a sense of self beyond being an athlete.
  • Preparing for life after sports should be a priority, and athletes should explore other interests and develop skills outside of their sport.
  • Athlete Narrative provides a platform for athletes to build their personal brand, monetize their name, image, and likeness, and transition to a new career.
  • Building a personal brand is essential for athletes, and sharing aspects of their life beyond sports can help engage their fans and followers.


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