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Life Without Secrets with Jillian Riddell

Jillian Riddell is a former teen mom who defied the odds to become a Valedictorian and a certified leading expert in trauma and emergency nursing. She is highly regarded by those who need hope when obstacles seem too great to overcome.

Jillian’s insights have been honored by the Daisy Foundation, and her work has been featured on ABCnews. As a trauma nurse and the host of the Life Without Secrets podcast, Jillian understands our basic human needs to love and belong. She is passionate about helping people feel more connected by diving deep, getting real, and growing together.

Jillian’s personal journey has inspired her mission to help others. Having lived her entire childhood as a secret, she knows what it’s like to feel alone and disconnected. But she also knows that it’s possible to overcome even the toughest challenges with resilience, grit, and a supportive community. Through her work as a nurse, a podcast host, and a speaker, Jillian is committed to spreading hope and inspiring others to create the lives they truly want.


Show Topics:

  • Being a Teen Mom
  • She was a secret
  • Teen Mom turned Valedictorian
  • Life Without Secrets
  • What happens in Vegas DOES NOT stay in Vegas
  • Questioning Self-Worth
  • Grief Cases
  • Societal Pressures
  • The Kiss X’s 2
  • Building resentment
  • It’s ok to start the relationship over
  • Trauma therapy
  • Praising the progress
  • Sharing the struggle
  • Developing shame
  • Putting loved ones first
  • Taking pauses in life
  • Connection with your partner

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