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Living EVERYDAY with Kelly Siegel

Kelly Siegel is a successful entrepenuer, Author and podcast host of Harder Than Life. Over the last 20 years he has been the CEO of an IT Security Company, National Technology Management (NTM) and is now applying everything he has learned in life and business to helping become their best selves.

All to often in life we succumb to certain mind altering substances such as alcohol and drugs. Kelly Siegel is no stranger to that fact. He was the life of the party and if he was there, YOU knew it. Kelly is larger than life and he partied as such. Four years ago on New Years Eve, he cut it loose one last time. Once Kelly rang in the New Year he set his drinking chalise down for the very last time. He is now alcohol and drug free and living his ultimate life. Listen in as Kelly chronicles his journey to living a more enriched and fulfilled life with the focus on the ones he loves the most.

Key Highlights:

  • Becoming available and creating space
  • Kelly’s road to sobriety
  • Discussion about the release of his podcast, Harder Than Life (January 2023)
  • Kelly’s Book, Harder Than Life (coming soon)
  • How to live EVERDAY
  • Being grateful
  • Removing the chip on your shoulder to achieve true happiness
  • Meditation’s role in his life
  • How having a busy mind affects your sleep and everything else

Connect with Kelly Siegel:

Instagram: @kelly.siegel.71

Website: Harder Than Life

Connect with Shawn French:

Instagram: @theshawnfrench

Website: The Shawn French

Twitter: Shawn French

YouTube: The Shawn French


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