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Mastering Mindsets with Paris Thompson

In this episode I sit down with Paris Thompson, outside hitter for the Notre Dame Volleyball program. We discuss her journey as an athlete and how she ended up on the volleyball court. Both her parents are former Division 1 trackstars so we already know where this is going…

Key Conversation Points:

Segment 1: Getting to Know Paris Thompson

  • Paris Thompson’s background as an outside hitter for the Notre Dame volleyball team.
  • How Paris got involved in volleyball and her journey to becoming a Division I athlete.
  • Sharing some of Paris’s notable achievements and experiences in her sports career.

Segment 2: The Glamour vs. Reality of Division I Sports

  • Discussing the common misconceptions about being a Division I athlete and the realities that athletes like Paris face.
  • Highlighting the rigorous training schedules, academic pressures, and the challenges of balancing sports and personal life.

Segment 3: The Mental Struggles

  • Paris opens up about the mental challenges she has encountered throughout her athletic career.
  • Exploring the pressures to perform consistently, dealing with performance anxiety, and coping with high expectations.
  • Shawn and Paris discuss the stigma around seeking mental health support as an athlete and how it impacts their well-being.

Segment 4: Coping Strategies and Support

  • Paris shares her personal strategies for managing stress and maintaining mental well-being.
  • Discussing the importance of a strong support system, including coaches, teammates, and family, in navigating mental struggles.
  • Shawn and Paris explore the role of universities and athletic programs in providing mental health resources to athletes.

Segment 5: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience

  • Paris talks about specific instances where she faced setbacks and how she bounced back from them.
  • The discussion delves into the concept of building resilience through sports and how it translates to other aspects of life.

Segment 6: Advice to Fellow Athletes and Coaches

  • Paris offers advice to fellow Division I athletes dealing with their own mental challenges.
  • The hosts and Paris discuss how coaches can create a more supportive and understanding environment for athletes’ mental well-being.

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