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Navigating Success with Christopher Welton

Chris Welton is a renowned coach, speaker, and podcast host with over 30 years of experience in leadership and sales. Born with a limb difference and raised as the son of a drug addict, Chris has overcome significant adversity in his life, transforming personal challenges into invaluable lessons on resilience and success.

Key Conversation Points:

  • Chris’ Story
  • Born with a limb indifference
  • Being the kind of R & D
  • Chasing and overcoming adversity
  • Son of a drug addict
  • Chasing your dreams
  • Not taking action
  • Fear & laziness
  • What if it does work?
  • The seduction of success
  • Chris’ Book- It All Started With One Jordan

Connect with Chris:

Work with Shawn:

*Athletes and peak performers, your mind is the most important part of your game/career. If you build your body and hone in on your skills you’ll still fail if you do not have an elite mindset. Email me today at [email protected]

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