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Overcoming Trauma and becoming a POWER HOUSE w/ Virginia Brown

Virginia Brown and her husband had a dream to open schools and be a positive impact in early childhood education. They opened up one school and then her whole life was turned upside down…

One the eve of her and her husband traveling afar to watch their oldest son to play in a competitive soccer tournament, her husband tragically and unexpectedly passed away in his sleep.

Imagine being excited to travel with your family and then waking up with your world completely shattered. Virginia has gone through a ton of pain and trauma in morning the loss of her husband and raising two amazing young men.

While she admits her trauma and loss was tremendous, she also credits it to the person she is now. Virginia believes what she went through enabled her to focus in and become a highly successful entrepreneur.

She now owns 6 schools under the umbrella of The Global Child and is beginning to franchise out. Virginia is laser focused in creating an educational system that will truly educate our youth… The Right Way!

You can connect with Virginia on social media to say hello or to inquire about being a franchise owner of The Global Child:

IG: @virginiagonthierbrown

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