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Say Goodbye to Resentment with Larry Hagner

Experience the transformative power of open communication and resolution in relationships. Join Larry Hagner, a master of connection, as he shares his secret to creating unbreakable bonds. But be prepared for an unexpected twist that will leave you craving for more. Discover how a single conversation can mend hearts and unlock a world of emotional well-being, leaving you eager to embark on your own journey of healing and growth. Stay tuned to find out the key to releasing hurt feelings and unlocking a lifetime of love and connection.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the power of effective communication in crafting an extraordinary marital relationship.

  • Delve into the psychological triggers that incite disputes within relationships.

  • Embrace the art of positive arguing for fostering stronger understanding and resolution.

  • Acknowledge the destructive repercussions of toxic arguing on children and relationships.

  • Discover the significance of prompt communication and resolution in preventing heartaches.

My special guest is Larry Hagner

Meet Larry Hagner, a man who has taken fatherhood to a whole new level. Larry’s life mission is simple but profound. He’s determined to help men build and maintain legendary relationships with their families. He’s the mind behind the super popular ‘Dad Edge’ podcast, where he opens up dialogues, surprises with insights, and leads conversations on meaningful fatherhood. From exposing the myths about fatherhood to providing practical advice on resolving conflicts, Larry’s work has proven transformative for many. Get ready to experience his unique brand of wisdom and wit.

The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:32 – Introduction, 00:01:31 – Larry Hagner’s Background, 00:04:30 – The Importance of Perspective and Mindset, 00:09:17 – Gratitude Practice, 00:11:55 – Importance of Accountability, 00:13:24 – Creating a Better World, 00:13:54 – Facing the Unknown, 00:15:19 – The Best Summer of 2020, 00:16:55 – Valuing Memories, 00:23:06 – Overcoming Parental Fears, 00:26:51 – The Impact of Parental Actions on Children, 00:29:31 – The Mirror Effect on Children’s Behavior, 00:30:21 – The Impact of Parental Actions on Children’s Perception of Routine, 00:31:55 – Apologizing to Children for Deviating from Routine, 00:39:53 – Constructive Arguments and Conflict Resolution, 00:41:10 – Identifying the Root of Arguments, 00:43:51 – The Problem of Conflict Resolution, 00:44:18 – Modeling Healthy Arguments for Children, 00:46:19 – Overcoming Toxic Relationship Examples,

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