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Setting Standards for Personal Growth: Going Beyond Goals – Matt Matkovich and Phil Januszewski

Have you ever heard these common myths about personal growth and success? Myth 1: Success is solely determined by external factors. Myth 2: Talent is the key to success. Myth 3: Personal growth is a linear process. In this episode, our guest, Matt Matkovich and Phil Januszewski, will debunk these myths and reveal the truth about the importance of mindset in personal growth and success.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand the intimate relationship between mindset and the journey towards personal success.

  • Grasp the constructive nature of risk management and acceptance of failure in individual evolvement.

  • Discern how a culture of positivity and benevolence can act as a trigger for personal development.

  • Learn how chance encounters can serve as pivotal turning points in one’s personal transformation.

  • Observe the transformative power of consistency and self-confidence in one’s journey of personal growth.

My special guest is Matt Matkovich, Phil Januszewski

Meet Matt Matkovich, a recognized school guidance counselor and ultra-marathon runner driven by an insatiable appetite for promoting human potential. His master’s degree in school guidance and counseling mirrors his sincere endeavor to inspire individuals to tap into their authentic selves. Teamed with Phil Januszewski, a tattooed high school chemistry and physics teacher, they form an unbeatable duo in the motivational circle. A certified Positive Education practitioner, the Netflix baking show flop brings his charisma and master’s degree in Teaching Leadership to the table. Together, these two uniquely talented individuals form an unlikely duo that’s redefining motivational speaking standards. Every conversation with them is a step towards personal growth and success.

The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:02 – Taking Healthy Risks in Business, 00:00:52 – Paying it Forward, 00:01:54 – Peak Mental Performance Program, 00:02:18 – Legacy Luxury Builders, 00:03:30 – Introducing Matt and Phil, 00:13:47 – Developing Self-Confidence, 00:14:41 – Consistency and Lifelong Learning, 00:15:45 – Maintaining a Positive Mindset, 00:17:05 – Surrounding Yourself with Positive Energy, 00:19:34 – Seeking Guidance and Making Standards, 00:27:19 – People’s Comfort Zone, 00:28:15 – Positive Psychology, 00:29:26 – Looking Inwards, 00:32:40 – Fear of Self-Reflection, 00:37:16 – Taking Healthy Risks, 00:40:48 – The Power of Growth Mindset, 00:41:29 – Personal Growth and Communication Skills, 00:42:36 – Importance of Health and Fitness, 00:44:16 – Working with the Guests, 00:47:25 – Endorsement for the Positive Growth Lounge,

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