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Taking on the title of coach with Duke Baxter

Welcome to the  The Determined Society podcast, where today we have the privilege of introducing Coach Duke Baxter. With over four decades of baseball experience, Duke’s knowledge is deeply rooted in all aspects of the game. He is a former professional baseball player who has received numerous awards and accolades both as a collegiate and professional athlete. Today, Coach Duke dedicates his career to developing athletes at the Zoned Sports Academy, the training facility he founded, and through his books and videos with ‘Dominate the Diamond ®’. His approach to coaching is inspiring, motivating, fun, and humble. In this podcast, we will delve into Duke’s experience, his positive coaching approach, and how he has coached and trained over 50,000 baseball and softball players for over two decades. Let’s all take a moment to listen to Duke as he shares his knowledge and tips to help every baseball and softball player, coach, and parent get educated, motivated, and then dominate on and off the field. Welcome, Coach Duke Baxter.


Key Points:

  • How to develop athletes
  • Being a positive influence on the youth 
  • Player development
  • The importance of being a coachable athlete
  • Creative ways to keep athletes engaged in practice
  • Taking on the title of coach
  • Empowering young athletes within practice
  • Creating the environment that allows failure
  • Coaches and parents needing to do better
  • The issues in youth development

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