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The Lies My Anxiety Tell Me with Brittany Richmond

Brittany Richmond’s life took an unforeseen turn after high school – a twist that shook her to her core. The crushing reality of anxiety disorders became her unwelcome companion, turning her world upside down. This journey weaves through the depths of her struggles, but it also reveals an unexpected strength that emerges from vulnerability. Listen closely as Brittany shares her tale, for within it lies a thread of resilience that leaves us wondering: how did she find the courage to fight her own demons?

Brittany Richmond’s journey into the realm of mental health and anxiety disorders started soon after high school. As a young, carefree teenager, the harsh diagnosis of anxiety disorders came as a shock. It was a reality she wasn’t prepared for and it led her down a winding path fraught with challenges. The falling dominoes of her life seemed to echo the rhythm of her panic-stricken heartbeat. Dropping out of college multiple times became the soundtrack of her life. Yet, within the chaos, Brittany found strength in vulnerability and a resolve to wrestle with her anxieties. Her story is a testament to human resilience – it’s raw, it’s real, and it’s relatable. As she battles her own demons, she reaches out to others, using her experiences as a beacon for those lost in the labyrinth of mental health issues.,Battling anxiety disorders and the fear of societal judgment, Brittany Richmond found herself in a storm she never anticipated. The diagnosis came shortly after high school, leaving her feeling trapped in her own mind. Her life became a series of dropouts from college as she grappled with the weight of her condition. Yet, in the face of adversity, Brittany found a purpose. The echoes of her struggle fueled her commitment to become an advocate for mental health, specifically targeting the youth. Her narrative is not one of despair but of hope. It is filled with the grit of a fighter and the vulnerability of a survivor. Now, she uses her journey as a lifeline to others, sharing her experiences and offering a hand to those who find themselves lost in the complex maze of mental health.


She can be reached through her Instagram at @thebrittanyrichmond 

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