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The Queen of Men’s Health with Ali Gilbert

In this episode, Ali Gilbert, a men’s health coach, discusses the importance of hormone optimization and testosterone replacement therapy. She explains the difference between TRT and steroid cycles, emphasizing the benefits of TRT for men’s health. Ali also addresses the issue of the ‘skinny fat’ phenomenon and the importance of proper training for building muscle. She highlights the long-term process of building muscle and the challenges of body image and confidence. In this conversation, Shawn French and Ali Gilbert discuss body dysmorphia, male insecurities, and the psychological issues that can arise from childhood influences. They also explore the impact of self-perception and external validation on one’s self-esteem. The conversation delves into the fear of disappointing men and the tendency to take criticism personally. They share their experiences dealing with online trolls and the challenges faced by creators in the digital age. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of doubling down on your message and embracing your polarizing appearance.   Key Takeaways

  • Hormone optimization, particularly testosterone replacement therapy, is crucial for men’s health and can have a significant impact on energy levels, mood, and sexual performance.
  • TRT is not the same as running steroid cycles. TRT involves replacing what the body should already be producing, while steroid cycles involve higher doses and are typically used by competitive bodybuilders.
  • The ‘skinny fat’ phenomenon occurs when individuals focus on cutting calories and doing excessive cardio without proper strength training. This can lead to a loss of muscle mass and a soft, untoned appearance.
  • Building muscle is a slow and gradual process that requires consistency and patience. It is important to follow a well-designed training program and not expect overnight results.
  • Body image and confidence can be challenging for both men and women. It is important to focus on personal progress and not compare oneself to unrealistic standards portrayed on social media.

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