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The Sales Queen with Jillian Murphy

Jillian Murphy was laid off from her long-term corporate position where she felt like she’d be until she rested. She bled for that company until the day they told her it was all over. Jillian had to figure it all out immediately as she had a daughter and a household to support. Without hesititation she went into the online sales business and hasn’t turned back. 

  Jillian is The Sales Queen and she teaches others to create massive results in their own businesses as she quickly did for herself. She believes in coaching her students to get actual results by showing them how to implement the strategies she has for herself.    In a world full of fake ass online coaches, Jillian Murphy is a breathe of FRESH AIR!   Key Points:  

  • Being laid off from her corporate position capulted her into true success
  • What separates her from other coaches
  • How to connect and work with Jillian
  • Strategies that work
  • How to build an online community
  • Leading with true value that her audience thirsts for
  • Being her real authentic self through her content

  Connect with Jillian Murphy:   Instagram-   Connect with Shawn French:   Instagram- Website-

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