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Timely Encouragement: Empowering Young Athletes to Reach New Heights with Greg Gurenlian

Unleash the Beast: Lacrosse legend Greg Gurenlian ignites young athletes’ fire by crushing doubt and empowering them to overcome adversity on their quest for greatness.

My special guest is Greg Gurenlian

Greg Gurenlian is a highly accomplished lacrosse player and respected figure in the sport. With a career spanning 14 years as a professional lacrosse player, Greg has made a significant impact on the game. As the owner of the Face Off Academy, he has established himself as a leading authority in face-off training. Greg’s success is evident in his achievement as the all-time leader in face-off wins in major league lacrosse. In 2011, he overcame a career-ending knee injury and turned it into an opportunity to create a groundbreaking training program focused on biomechanics. This program has garnered immense success, producing numerous top-level athletes and earning international recognition. Greg’s dedication and passion for lacrosse, coupled with his ability to overcome adversity, make him an invaluable guest on The Determined Society podcast. His insights and experiences will undoubtedly inspire and motivate young athletes and their parents seeking guidance in supporting their athletic journeys.

It’s always the right time to say the right thing. – Greg Gurenlian

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the inspiring lacrosse journey of Greg Gurenlian and learn valuable lessons from his experiences.

  • Uncover the secrets of the Face Off Academy training program and take your young athlete’s performance to the next level.

  • Understand the importance of developing mental toughness in young athletes and how it can positively impact their performance.

  • Find out how timely encouragement can be a game-changer for young athletes, boosting their motivation and confidence.

  • Learn valuable strategies for building resilience in young athletes, helping them overcome setbacks and achieve success.

Master Face-offs with Training Mastering face-offs in lacrosse requires rigorous training and a deep understanding of the game. Greg Gurenlian, a well-respected face-off specialist, shared his expertise, highlighting the importance of adopting proper techniques to prevent injuries during play. According to Greg, success in face-offs stems from balancing repetitive practice with proper rest, underlining the need for strategic training to maintain athlete’s physical health.

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  • Listen to The Determined Society Podcast: Tune in to The Determined Society podcast hosted by Shawn French. In this episode, he interviews lacrosse legend Greg Gurenlian. They discuss Greg’s journey, mental toughness, and determination. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation.

  • Check out The Face Off Academy: If you’re a lacrosse player looking to improve your face-off skills, check out The Face Off Academy. They are the biggest entity when it comes to training face-off guys.

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