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Academy of Maximized Potential with Nick Connor

As a Citizen of the World, Nick Connor has learned that no matter where you go, your presence, energy, and the way you make people feel, is the only language you need to speak.

As a speaker, coach, & the founder of The Academy Of Maximum Potential (AMP) his in-your-face but on-your-side message cuts through the noise and gets straight to the point.

Nick is obsessed with maximizing human potential and is here today to equip you with what you need to finally commit to unlocking the best version of yourself, so you can positively impact and influence others.

Key Conversation Points:

1. Wake Up Earlier Than Your Responsibilities – Creating time and space to think, feel, and exercise! You’ll elevate emotionally, rise above the distractions, temptations, and repeat behaviors that are crushing your finances, relationships, and fitness.

2. Focus On Removing (-) Behaviors vs. Adding (+) Behaviors – You’re your biggest problem! Want to change that? Remove inconsistent results and uncertainty by removing repeat behaviors that bring you pain (alcohol, porn, drugs, snoozing, over eating, over spending, etc). Remove 2-3 of these and in 12 months you won’t recognize your life.

3. Actively Recognize Mistakes & Shortcomings Daily Successful people focus on their shortcomings and failures WHILE remaining grateful for their life. Unsuccessful people hide their shortcomings and failures and project an image of success WHILE secretly having their existence. Stop it!

4. Remind Yourself Daily Who You Are, Where You’re Going, & Why You’re mind is like a heat seeking missile – it needs feedback to reach the target. If you do not intentionally provide directions, your mind will default to what it’s always known – which has landed you exactly where you are today. If that isn’t motivation enough to get you to follow step #4…sorry, I can’t help you.

5. Pour into others daily – NEWSFLASH – it’s not all about you! Nothing will accelerate your growth than taking what you know and teaching it to others. Don’t let your lack of experience, depth of knowledge, or EGO get in the way. Just share what works for you.

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