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Man On A Mission with Erik Rock

  • On today’s episode Shawn sits down with a good friend of his, Erik Rock. Erik is doing so fucking huge things in the entrepreneurial, podcasting and coach space. What sets him apart from all the others is his innate ability to be 100% HONEST about his feelings no matter what they are. 

In most of The Determined Society’s episodes we journey deep into the emotional state, setbacks and triumphs but this one is different. At a certain point Shawn and Erik discover they both lost their Grandmother to Cancer. They recount the fact that they ran from the situation not wanting to face the fact that their grandmother was passing. Tears of sadness were present in both men at this point.

Shawn and Erik dive deep into death and how much they have BOTH struggled with the concept of death down the gritty details of their very last breath. Nowadays, Shawn and Erik use the fact that death is coming to move them forward to living their most honest lives and push to help others live a better life.

Key Conversation Points:

  • Death and how the fear of it drives them everyday
  • Cultivating rules about Death
  • Losing his grandmother to cancer
  • Shawn losing his grandmother to cancer
  • Living on a blow up mattress
  • Man on a Mission Podcast
  • Being unique- what makes us different than the others
  • Dick Rock’s Ideal Drugs- A tribute to his grandfather and Erik’s first vehicle he purchased
  • The stand up and say something rule
  • Being the man in the arena
  • 98% of people die without achieving their dreams
  • Can’t have happiness without pain & sadness
  • Faith and the power of your loved ones

Connect with Erik:

Connect with Shawn:


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