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The Genius Within with Mike Zeller

Mike Zeller has started more than 16 ventures. He’s a master NLP practitioner, a mental health advocate, and loves his wife and daughter immensely. He’s experienced the ups and downs of losing a million dollars then a deep mental health battle his wife faced. Now, he helps high performers release self sabotage by rewiring their identity, build a new belief infrastructure, and shed negative energy to create flow state consistently in their lives.

The world desperately needs your greatness. Smallitis, trauma, self-sabotage, and more plague us all.  You can re-wire yourself from self sabotage to success by tackling 3 core areas:  1. Identity. 2. Beliefs. 3. Energy.  There’s also a clear and compelling pathway to finding your deepest area of genius (or your true north). Key conversation points:

*Finding your deepest area of genius: Your $10,000 p/hr activities.  *Rewiring from deep trauma, abuse, ptsd to flow state where you’re 500% more productive.  *The power of psychedelics to heal, transform, and create a rapid increase in neuroplasticity, which means your brain and neuro pathways are much more moldbable, which is where the power of NLP comes into play.

Connect with Mike:

Instagram- ( Facebook- TikTok- YouTube-https://www.yo

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