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The Game-Changing Mindset: How to Set Goals and Embrace the Process for Personal Success – Jeff Forrester

Have you heard these myths about setting goals and focusing on the process? Myth #1: Success is all about setting big, audacious goals. Myth #2: Once you set a goal, you should only focus on the end result. Myth #3: The process doesn’t matter as long as you achieve the desired outcome. In this episode, our guest, Jeff Forrester, will unravel the truth and help you improve your goal-setting and focus on the process.

My special guest is Jeff Forrester

We have a special guest joining us today on The Determined Society. Please give a warm welcome to Jeff Forrester, a passionate success and mental performance coach who is dedicated to helping young adults achieve their goals at an early stage in their lives. As a loving husband and father, Jeff understands the importance of personal growth and the impact it can have on one’s overall success. With his expertise in collapsing time and focusing on the process, Jeff has become a trusted mentor for young individuals looking to unlock their true potential. His down-to-earth personality and genuine desire to see others succeed make him a fantastic addition to our show. Get ready to gain valuable insights and practical strategies from Jeff Forrester as he shares his wisdom on goal-setting and staying determined. Welcome, Jeff!

To be a true fan of your school is to try to pay attention to everything, because those athletes work just as hard with not nearly as much limelight or nil money or any of those type things that the big sports get. But they still work hard. They’re still student athletes. They’re still a top 1% in their field, and they should be celebrated. – Jeff Forrester

Connect with Jeff:

Social Media- @jeff4ester

Jeff’s Email- [email protected]

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