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Real Talk w/ Rick Lademann of Beyond Motion

January 14, 2022

In this episode I sit down with Rick Lademann who is a true professional in the sports performance world. This man has literally done it […]

Living your story w/ Actor Christopher Coy

January 11, 2022

In this episode I dive in deep with my cousin and experienced Actor Christopher Coy. Chris grew up in a small town in Florida called […]

Matt Lisle- The most followed, MLB Hitting Coach

January 6, 2022

Today I sit down with an old friend of mine Matt Lisle. Matt is the most followed MLB/NCAA Hitting Coach on the Internet. On this […]

Building Confidence

December 23, 2021

Throughout our lives our confidence is chipped away by self-limiting beliefs but those beliefs are no innate. They are created people closest to you tearing […]

Falling off TRACK

November 17, 2021

Who falls off track!? EVERYONE! I see so many people shaming the shit out of themselves for falling off track. The only thing that attracts […]

Why 75Hard….AGAIN????

November 9, 2021

In this episode I discuss to my listeners why I am doing 75Hard again. I have gotten so much questions via DM on why I’m […]

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